baby blue prom dresses

Sept. 12, 1967 my life took a beautiful turn, I gave birth to this beautiful baby girl, I named her Sheila Ann , when she was placed in my arms the most complete love came over me , I had never seen such a beautiful baby ! Black curly hair and the most beautiful blue eyes , her daddy and I so enjoyed raising her, she is strong , loving , giving, a heart the size of Texas , I so enjoyed the softball years , the school dances , I got to dress her up , Sheila was always a tomboy baby blue prom dresses ... not a girly girl and her daddy lived it ha , I really enjoyed the proms , she was the most beautiful bride ! Sheila you have given me years of joy and laughs, you are my mini me ! I love your heart and your independence ! And thank you for my two amazing grandsons ! You are an amazing mom ! I love you more then life it's self! Never change I love you the way you are have the happiest birthday ever!

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