blue and white wedding dresses


A giant smile spread across my face as I stood in the mirror tying my tie, I had eagerly waited for this day since the moment I set my eyes on Hazel, the day we would finally be united in holy matrimony.

Hazel and I first met at a business conference in South Africa about three years ago, I remember
watching her from the corner of my eye as she walked into the board room her hips swaying from side to side she wore a light pink short dress that perfectly shaped her curves. She sat across the table from me and and through out the meeting I couldn't resist the urge to stare at her.

At the end of the meeting we got talking, she was exactly what I wanted in a woman, beautiful, elegant and intelligent, I wouldn't allow her to slip through my hands so I asked for her line and after constantly communicating for a month we became an item.

I proposed two years later during her surprise Birthday dinner, you should have seen the excitement in my eyes when she said yes. We started preparing for our wedding immediately after the engagement. Knowing how classy my woman was, I made sure to perfectly carter for every detail of our wedding. We would have our marriage blessing at Bread of life International church where I was currently serving as a youth leader. Our wedding reception was set to be held at Intercontinental Hotel and in anticipation we had already booked our plane tickets to travel to Mauritius the next day for our honeymoon. blue and white wedding dresses

"Adam!," A light knock startled me from my reverie and the creaking of the door soon followed.

"Hey Mum," I smiled as she approached me

"Oh my baby! You look handsome." She said.

I was clad in a navy blue pinstriped suit, underneath it was a white T.shirt and blue tie, Hazel had chosen this perfect attire for me, she said I looked good in blue and she was right after all, I looked classy.

"Have the cars arrived?" I asked mum

"Not yet but they will be here soon," she said, she sat on my bed and signalled for me to do the same.

"Adam my child," She started and I could see tears almost falling from her eyes.

"Mum no crying please, the tears will spoil your make-up," I said gently squeezing her hand.

"I am beyond proud of you my son for everything that you are and everything that you have accomplished, I couldn't have wished for a better son than you. As you take the next step in life, I want you to remember all I taught you, the values and principles of life, above all the teachings of the lord. Treat your wife with respect, honour and love her just as Christ loved the church, never lay a finger on her no matter what and remember she is your helpmate and not your slave. I have no doubt you will be a great husband and father. I am happy for you my son," she said tears rolling down her face.

Her tears made me emotional, I couldn't help but cry as well, she had raised me and my sister single handedly and we had turned out perfect. She smiled at me after a while before wiping my face with the back of her hand. Then she asked me to get down on my knees, I did as instructed. She then placed her hand on my head and prayed for me.

"Adam can I come in?" Came Ireen's voice.

"Yes!" I answered.

"Let me leave you guys to talk but please don't be long, the cars are almost here," mum said heading out of the room.

"Aw so my Best friend is getting married," Ireen said with a smirk on her face.

"Finally Buddy! Finally!" I responded."

"I am happy for you, Hazel is lucky to have you."

"Thank you Ireen," I said engulfing her in a tight hug.

Ireen and I had been best friends since childhood, she was the one person that knew me inside out apart from mum and my sister Bethany.

"Adam!" The cars are ready. It's time!" My best man and Cousin Noah called out to us.

"Coming!" I said

"Besties for ever?" I smiled hitting our fists together

"Forever!" She smiled and we walked out.

Mum told us to run along as she was still waiting for my sister, she would be driving to church with her alongside other family members.

"You have the rings with you?" I asked Noah as we got into the car.

"Yes man I have them just relax," he said

I sat next to Ireen in the car, Noah was in the front seat. The drive from home to the church took us about an hour. The service was scheduled for 11 hours and we got there 30 minutes earlier. As I stepped out of the car, I felt my heart beating faster than usual, I was nervous but what kept me sane was the fact that Hazel would be arriving soon. I couldn't wait to see her walk down the aisle in white.

"The bride and her team will be getting here shortly so we better get in," Noah said.

I made one last call to Hazel just to be sure she had not changed her mind about us, her voice sounded a bit low but she told me not to worry, she was obviously as nervous as i was maybe even more.

"I love you Hazel, I can't wait to see you walk down the aisle," I excitedly told her.

"Okay!" She said and the line went dead.

I walked into the church alongside mum by my side, the church was packed, I had not realised until now that we had this many friends and relatives. Since the Bride had not yet arrived, I opted to sit with my groomsmen while anxiously waiting for her to arrive.

The clock was slowly ticking, the seconds turned into minutes and minutes into an hour but Hazel was nowhere to be seen. At this point i was agitated, my heart was pounding, my head was throbing and my palms where sweaty. Had Hazel changed her mind? I thought to myself pacing up and down.

"We have another wedding later, your time is almost up what's going on?" The Bishop who was supposed to officiate our marriage asked.

"They will be here shortly, they just had a little hiccup along the way," Mum assured him.

"Mum how can you be so sure?........................... FULL EPISODE Royal Life Lounge

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