empire wedding dresses

Our 3 day trip to NYC didn't go exactly as planned, but whatever does? We left later than I expected and encountered major traffic approaching the City. Who could possibly do that every day? Check I was fine and we got to our party okay, but Owen was miffed as I made him wear pants and a dress shirt while others were in shorts and a T. Wed we got up early, walked several blocks to Grand Central and it seemed like forever inside just to get to the shuttle to Times Square. We f ... ound our hop-on, hop-off Tour Bus and got to the Empire State Building- in the drizzle. More walking. Back to the bus where we stayed until the World Trade Center Memorial- well, somewhat close to it. A Lot more walking. And more walking back to the bus. Finally got off near - and only mean a NYC near- Grand Central so we could walk back to the hotel on 45th St. I was so worn out I missed dinner and slept 12 hours straight thru in my clothes till morning. Completely forgot it was Owen's birthday! (We had sung Happy Birthday the night before). Fitbit said we only covered 4 miles- felt like 15! empire wedding dresses

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