long black prom dresses

My daughter had me buy her a dress for prom. Single layer black dress, simple and nice. $80. OK, so we get it and it is too long. "No problem honey, just get it hemmed" I tell her. So she takes it to this place in Montecito called "The Perfect Fit" and drops it off. Today, she picks it up. The cost for a simple single hem? $120 !
WTF? This lady, Patricia Moo, is taking advantage of unwitting teens this season by completely overcharging for services. I'm furious, my daughter is upset because I'm upset over this and she needs more $$ for hair, nails, etc... which I'm happy to give her but seriously, this wasn't a frigging 4 layer wedding gown... $120? "The Perfect Fit" by Patricia Moo in Montecito is a perfect RIP OFF. long black prom dresses
/rant over