red flower girl dresses

Day 8: I took the six hour overnight bus from Hanoi to Sapa that had reclining seats and young adults who thought it would be fun to STAY UP ALL NIGHT. My guide, Hong, met me at the bus and took me to the market. The veggies were just picked. The meat butchered this morning. # amazed . She took me to her house to meet her family and eat breakfast: fresh rice pancakes stuffed with veggies. Grilled pork. Green mango. Cucumber. The views are of rice fields cut into the mountains. #amazed. I learned that rice paddies smell like rice, water buffalo are kind and bamboo is delicious. We trekked to a waterfall, ate banboo rice for lunch, and toured the area on her motorbike. The Red Zao hosted my homestay for the night. I ran a free, ----really no charge, no gifts either--- English class for children. Girls showed up in native, everyday dress. They wanted to learn, "Where are you from?" "Do you like my village?" "That is a pumpkin." They stayed for hours begging for more lessons. It was a style of teaching they had not seen before: fun. Yes to a medicine bath. My host asked me if I prefer rice or rice noodles for breakfast. (!) Noodles. Then told me my medicine bath would only be for ten minutes. How did she know? I have super low blood pressure and can't do hot tub soaks. The bath was a mixture of herbs picked in the mountains. red flower girl dresses # peaceful . I knew I was the chosen guest when I discovered the room had purple flower mosquito netting, a Hello Kitty sleeping bag and Hello Kitty pillows. # relaxed # happy .