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I’m tired of your whining like someone else’s petulant child,
you disturbing my sleep with your quest for blood.
My mind shows the list of diseases you carry.
Memory replays thousands of itchy bumps inflicted,
by your slight body over time.
Tracking you on auditory radar,
following you through darkness,
hand poised patiently.
Slap! Revenge,
Hand sized, eight legged carnivore from a Stephen King novel.
Cannot believe the lack of respect for my privacy.
How dare you disturb my morning ablution ritual.
What possessed you to hide yourself there?
Was there comfort between tissue sheets?
Is it sick arachnid joke?
I pull toilet roll,
you fall out,
huge huntsman,
An itch signals your presence, sore irritation of wound coming.
I lift jean cuff to confirm your breakfast appointment.
I brush you aside but damage is done,
blood leaking out hole you made feeding.
Ruby droplet at corner of mouth,
corpulent body bloated from gluttony,
you lie there helpless.
I hope birds,
eat you,
Gently running my fingers up the nape of my neck,
sensitive digits find you hiding snug behind my ear.
Hard crab like carapace alien in soft environment.
Hostile entity clamping itself securely in place,
with jointed legs made of iron.
Surgeon with blunt fingernail scalpel,
carefully scraping beneath you,
to remove tick,
head and
Black, blue, blue with black stripes, green with red eyes,
red with green eyes, grey with black stripes, brown.
Each with its preferred altitude on the hill,
stabbing syringe faces into any exposed flesh
flies taking blood from climber passing.
Not content with leftover scraps,
road kill and manure,
winged vampires hunting,
fresh gourmet,
An inch and a half monster, you live at peak.
Grass trees, ferns, ancient eucalypt, rocky land of primeval.
Entomological dinosaur droning like a broken B52 bomber,
performing cumbersome crash landing onto my arm.
Multifaceted eyes meet mine with contempt,
spreading legs of drilling platform,
that can pierce denim.
Pick, flick, welcome,
to spaceage,
It was an honest mistake, you must take some responsibility.
Against leaf litter your brown yellow diamonds perfect camouflage. red prom dresses 2019
Angry striking reaction I attributed to reptilian reflex,
but constricting crushing coils reveal lethal intent.
An overreaction to my inadvertent step,
killed by overgrown leather handbag.
Not just after blood,
a hungry python,
swallows me,