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These are real cooks in real kitchens, people who know that marijuana is fat-soluble and has to be heated to activate the THC. They're making bars of caramelized white chocolate with smoked sea salt, or pretzel and marshmallow blondies, and infusing marijuana into poutine gravy and Jamaican patties (both beef and vegan), as well as hot sauce and salad dressing. sexy black dresses

And, since this it's no longer the summer of '69, they're putting effort into social media and design.

Take Montreal company EP Infusions, run by a former construction worker turned amateur craft brewer who prefers not to use his name, since the Quebec marijuana business is still more black market than grey.

Entrepreneurs entering the edible marijuana business will face baked-in problems Fledgling entrepreneurs are trying to get started in the edible marijuana business in advance of promised 2018