sexy long dresses

My weekend Album....!

"Finally weekend finished.......!

long drive, leonia resort, lot of fun, enjoyment, entertainment, rain dance, memorable Saturday with with my TCS'rs buddies unforgettable Saturday.....! Anup Korhale Mj Kool Sachit Reddy Katpally

"My bro and best friend Ayan Syed birthday" Friendship day.....Late night party, long drive, Full too kiraak dressing, Golconda fort , Osman Sagar(Gandipet) view, lot of fun, Entertainment, hot weather, photo shoot (Selfies) With my Kachiguda nawab's sexy long dresses Mohd Khaleel Dinakar Jackson Syed Aijaz and "My bro and best buddies Mohd Saif & Ghouse Mohammed "

"Ending part fully tired"