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Today's bit of creative thought...Saturday, February 10, 2018

(c) Will Daskal, 2018

At the zenith of their callow, blissful youth, Saul and Sadie were always well-thought-of and without reservation considered the penultimately perfect loving couple. He was the epitome of veritable virile, stud-muffiness, eyed with giggly-glee by all the resident Catskills Bungalow Bunnies, you know, the weekday unhappily-married women who’d wantonly spread their goods until the coming summer’s weekend when their hardworking hubbies would return north to the mountains to ignore them again while unwinding and relaxing at the lodge playing golf, pinochle or gin rummy. sexy mother of the bride dresses
BUT, Saul’s Sadie was not that kind of woman.

Sadie was sexy, sultry and – TRUE BLUE. She was the penultimate embodiment of voluptuous, nubile beauty. Every man wanted her, but only ONE could have her.

As Life and the years passed by, and they moved into their proverbial Golden Years, Saul’s depth of love for Sadie had never waned or been altered. She was, is, and always would be the golden apple of his eye – the center of his celestial universe.

Saul always qvelled when he gazed at Sadie’s statuesque torso, her Venus–like face, and those sparkling golden locks, particularly when the gentle caress of early morning sunlight filtered through them, illuminating each singular strand, every fanciful follicle, with a memorable, sultry sheen that repeatedly stimulated the myriad expanse of Saul’s sensory organs – reminding him of the depth of his passion for her, the passion that has spanned six decades – and still so strongly endured.

Put simply, Sadie was his first, last and forever love, the mother of their six precious children, the Superglue that held their family steadfastly together, strong and centered, through good times and bad, through thick and thin, always with a sensual, seductive smile on her now-weathering countenance, his lyricist of myriad idyllic melodies, enduring serene refrains that emanated from her now-thinning, yet still inviting, pink, paling lips.

As Saul viewed his ever–beloved Sadie, he seemed to recall that the stylish, loose fitting, yet seductive, ethereal chiffon frock she was now wearing closely mimic the same enticing dress that she had worn on their immensely passionate honeymoon a mere six decades earlier.

Theirs was a true lover’s love, one which never faltered, one whose steady track line never veered off course. They held to the mark. They worked hard at it – and – they never took their relationship for granted.

On this particular day, Sadie’s angelic aura seemed a tad less lustrous to Saul. Strange. Very strange. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it; but, something was significantly different. Nothing wrong, mind you – just something “different”. At least he so thought!

“It’s been a gloriously grand run, Solly,” cooed Sadie, as diminishing day now caressed oncoming night, a precursor to an approaching growing cadenza of starlet points that would shortly illuminate the ebon, moonless evening sky.
Saul’s smiled and nodded slightly in silent agreement.

As Saul carefully inched down slowly to his arthritic knees to meet her, assuming a parallel position to Sadie’s sensuous waiting body on the cool carpet of rapidly darkening greenery, stretching out abeam his beloved, beautiful bride, an invasive tear unexpectedly welled up in his masculine right eye. It caught him somewhat off-guard.

“Yes, Sadie,” he crooned. “Life with you has been everything I could ever have wanted, more than I ever could have imagined, more than I probably deserved, and a sheer joy in its attainment. I’m one lucky son-of-a-bitch, I really must say!”
Sadie’s eyes filled with renewed passion as she rolled slowly, yet carefully, on her inboard side facing Saul, and planted a long, moist, meaningful, memorable kiss on her beloved Solly’s waiting lips.

The spark was still there; it had never left! Moonless magic at nearing midnight! Truly, the stuff of which dreams are made!

“Oh, my love. I’ll never forget our first dance together, my darling Solly. Remember how we glided, literally on air, floating above the veneered, oak dance floor at Butler’s Lodge in Hurleyville?”

The affluent, retired Brighton Beach furrier laughed with audible delight.

Butler’s Lodge had been a well-known and respected Borscht Belt resort during the heyday of the Catskills’ renaissance, a great summer choice during the grand era of New York’s Jewish vacation site history, a very popular mecca for the strictly Kosher crowd, particularly on sweet summer evenings. It was a second-Broadway show venue. In fact, nearly every great vaudeville comic and stage entertainer had trod upon Butler’s Lodge hardwood oak floor boards at one time or another during its heyday.

“Ya, Sadaleh. We sure were a hot couple. The envy of everyone’s eye. If memory still serves me well at all at our age, I seem to recall that we won the end of summer dance contest at Butler’s Lodge one summer.” Sadie just grinned a knowing, seductive grin for her Adonis.

“Oh, my darling Solly. You certainly could cut a rug and put Fred Astaire to shame… my manly mensch!” Saul reached out to caress the wrinkled, sagging skin of her forearm.
Another thing they never lost was their warm sense of humor, shared memories, memories that strengthened their forever-love, and kept them strong, focused and centered, even during tragic events. Especially at such moments.

“You know, my zissen love,” whispered Saul, “We only had one really bad year. Just one. In fact, just one really horrifically tragic night. Wasn’t it the summer of ‘42?”
Sadie’s heart was rapidly jolted and skipped violently, if not briefly, with a forced afib beat. She shivered markedly, as if a cold, biting shroud suddenly had embraced her. Saul sensed that he had touched a tender nerve.

Regret slapped him hard.

“Oh, my darling,” Sadie replied, after a brief pause. “Yes, my heart still breaks from that terrible time in our lives; but, our everlasting love has kept us resilient and strong, giving us the power to survive and endure in the face of any adversity.”

Saul’s eyes unleashed a torrential curtain of tears.
He worshiped his Sadie, and he loved her to the very depths of his being. He searched for a way that he could ask assuage her suffering, feeling a heavy burden of guilt because he had overtly, if not innocently, hurt his beloved wife by rehashing an old, deeply buried, painful memory. YES, long, deeply buried, painful memories had suddenly erupted, corralling and consuming them both, red eyes swelling with painful moisture.


Their six children had been visiting with cousins Nathan and Rebecca and the rest of the family on Long Island; and, first-cousin, Michael, no longer Little Moshe, was scheduled to drive the six kids up to Butler’s Lodge to be reunited with Big Moshe’s aunt and uncle, their parents – Saul and Sadie, the Silvers.

Horribly, as Fate would mandate, a freshly-licensed, teenaged driver, had recklessly attempted a tricky, high–speed maneuver on rocky Anawana Lake Road, just behind Kutcher’s Country Club, just three miles from their final destination, spinning out of control, careening at too high a velocity toward Michael’s approaching, second-hand Nash Rambler.

Sadly, NO ONE survived the catastrophic collision!


Saul and Sadie Silver, enwrapped in each other’s warm, marital embrace on the moist, dew–laden sod, gently clutched at that shared distant, painful memory, seeking mutual solace with a long, sustained, quite audible sigh.


The celestial canopy of brightly shimmering starlight now gracefully caressed Sadie’s sparkling silver locks. Minuscule slivers of elusive starlight illuminating each singular strand with, yet again, a memorable sheen to stimulate every one of Saul’s sensory organs.

This time, unlike other times, Saul could not just smell, feel and taste his beloved Sadie – BUT, he could feel Sadie’s inner-being filtering through every nook and cranny of his own aging body. Saul now felt closer to his Sadaleh than he had ever felt before. There was a combined sensory, sensual oneness that uniquely bound them as never before – not even spanning their shared 60 love-filled years together.
With an infinite, sparkling array of stars now dancing in the overhead firmament, a celestial symphony to oversee them through the long night’s duration, gently wrapped in each other’s passionate arms, playfully musing over other good times past, as well as crying over shared painful familial loss, they lay there together, body pressed warmly against body, to await oncoming Aurora.

Once again, quite simply, the stuff of which recurrent, everlasting dreams are made!


The newly arriving sun had already commenced burning off the vestigial dew from the prior evening’s blanket, as they opened their weary, aged eyes and stared lovingly at each other, as always.

Turning to his Sadie, Saul confessed, “Excuse me, my darling Sadie. I must leave you for just a moment to answer nature’s call.” It was a well-worn morning, oft-repeated wakening remark that he had made to her thousands of times over a lifetime together.

Saul stood up, turned towards a waiting, sturdy oak, unzipped and completed his perfunctory morning business.
As Saul zipped up and turned back to join is lovely bride, an unexpected flash of biting, bitter cold callously clawed at him, raking every fiber of his being, ripping him with unanticipated foreboding and overpowering horror.

He suddenly realized that he was standing there alone.


A second flood of torrential tears plummeted downward to the recently–soaked soil; a crashing, painful emotional blow now body-slammed, poor Saul. He cried out, shrieking Heavenward in utter agony. The sound was dire and deafening. Only the trees and cold marble forms surrounding him bore witness to his emotional strife.


The hard, erect, brutally cold, battleship gray, granite memorial stone, a Mogen David deeply engraved into its hard, smoothly polished surface, marked the final resting place of one Sadie Silver…

Beloved Wife
Devoted Mother

Yes, Sadie Silver, a respectfully peaceful resident at Beth David Cemetery, who, for the past 13 years, had therein resided at this bucolic, peaceful, eternal resting place.

Here she lies, waiting patiently until nightfall, to once again be joined with her beloved Solly to become a blissful stargazer.