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Honesty time.

I've been hiding in the rocky mountains for the last 6 months working shit out about myself expecting to come back to open arms from the friends who I've called my family. And since ive been home maybe 5 people have made an effort to call me, chill with me, or even just ask me how I'm doing. I've always been there for anyone and everyone im just a message away and even if I can't chill Ill still offer some insight and I'm honestly so hurt that after how many friends people I know have lost that they still hold grudges over petty shit lose moments and basically just live for themselves. This isn't about any one person in particular but if you took the time to read this and at any point thought it was about you then lace that shoe right the fuck up. short prom dresses 2019

I'm done with snakes and fake ass single serving friends.

I have my faults yes but I wear that shit like armor so don't even try to tell me about myself because I know better than anyone.

I have nothing but love for everyone I honestly can't think of a single person that I actually have the heart or the time to hate.

Moral of this bull shit is don't be petty life's too short and if you choose to be don't make that anyone else's problem because that's on you.

*drops mic