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O my. .... I set and reminisced the last 8.5 years of our lives tonight. The first family member Shane Whitlock introduced me to! I can remember the first 'real date' he ever took me on was to his grandpa's house, we rode that golf cart. That same golf cart that Bailey wrecked in his accident, that he says Grandpa saved his life from. That same man accepted me & my children the first day he met us & was here for us every day since. From him questioning ever single move we made, to Chinese , well any kind of buffet restaurant; to cooking on the grill & relaxing, to Leroy's to eat; to bringing the boys candy by, when most of the time Shane would throw it away as soon as you left; to auctioning; the dollar dance at our wedding you gave me 4 quarters & laughed because I had to put that down my dress; to the scariest but funniest ride home that night in that white mini van OMG! And your favorite phrase "I DIDN'T MEAN TO PISS YOU OFF!" to always coming & checking on us & the kids every single day! to that time I caught you by answering Nannie's phone and it was YOU calling HER; and God love your heart for the pack of underwear you recently bought Bailey & they made us laugh, I still have not had the heart to throw them away a year later, they're in the laundry cabinet & Everytime I open the cabinet I laugh & think of that day!!! short wedding dresses
Oh the memories!!!! I can honestly say we have had so many in so short of time. You gave us the best memories in the past 8.5 years of my life!!!! Thank you!!

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