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Recently, as many of you know, Alfred Angelo closed its doors, permanently. It has been a bit of a media circus, which is not shocking. I have already reached out to the women I know affected by this and expressed my condolences and concern. To those of you who know me, this is typically how I operate. I do not believe in public spectacle unless there is a reason.

Today, you, sir, gave me a reason. I do not know you personally and I am beyond thankful for that. You should be, too.

In the following post, a friend of mine, Sarah Crandall , posts about her mother's experiences in losing her job as a general manager as an Alfred Angelo general manager. This post was shared with me by Alyson Triolo and Dino Triolo , two good friends of mine. This woman has lost her career, her livelihood and her work family (sometimes, more important than blood- that has often been the case for me with my local family) all in less than a day. She will not receive her last paycheck. It is a tragic, awful, bleeding story.

And Mark Pupatelli felt the need to comment on this story, calling Sarah 'miss piggie', negating her mother's pain like this job was only a paycheck, specifically mentioning food on the table.

I have to ask - why, sir? What compelled you? What made you sit down to fat shame someone you don't even know - a fat shaming, by the way, that is completely invalid? Especially you, who has no pictures on his profile? Are you ashamed of how you look? Are you so lonely that you need this sort of attention to get through your day? For shame. You are a sad, lonely lowlife and I am glad I will never know you. wedding dresses for fat brides

This leads me to a bigger plight. A larger problem - one that Sarah touches on in her post. Her mother was screamed at by women. She has been getting harassing phone calls, texts and emails. She gets little peace, because she is a scapegoat, sacrificed by a company that cared nothing for her.

Why do we as a culture feel the need to lash out at other people? Why do we cut them when they are already bleeding? Why do we sit and allow abuse to happen?

Evil is not the words that bite and the cruelties we do to each other. Evil is standing by and allowing it to happen, condoning it. Evil is not the lashing out when you are hurting. Evil is a stupid comment about a person you don't know, fat shaming and commenting on a situation you know nothing about. Evil is the cruelties we witness and do not stand against.

It has been a hard year. I'm tired of sitting and allowing crap like this to happen. My heart goes out to you and your family and I am sorry this happened to you.