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Crucified: "It is common for families to cover up incest. How is a poor underage child meant to speak out if they are DEPENDANT on their shit Satanic parents? They speak & they get called a liar. It is not easy. And so, it may take YEARS for them to talk. Nowadays teachers, DR's are given training to respond to alarm bells. But, mind you, even in the old days they should have been responsive, but their was no Laws. It was their word against the unhealthy parents. No law supported teachers for raising concerns. The family covering up should be CRUCIFIED. I cant comment further other that I was never sexually molested myself BUT the anger I feels towards the matter is immense. I have my reasons" "I spoke to my biological father Michael Parnel over a few matters at age 15, I met him. I expressed how nasty adults could be and how secretive incest is. He said to keep cool. That I could do little, to study. He said child molesters were beaten up in prison. He said this with great joy. He was pleased I was never molested" "I found strength in him" Miss Dinamarco "Then he started ranting as usual that My Mother was a married woman when they met. That she was separated but still married. That he never wanted to give up his child, that he always knew I was his..blah blah blah..that My Mother should have divorced and not go back to her husband. Ranting, ranting. That all My Mother wanted was to party, that she would drive him crazy and that he was glad he dumped My Mother even though pregnant with his child cos she was unstable driving him insane with her suicidal depression. That he gave her no choice to return to her husband pregnant with his child" "I look a lot like Michael Parnel, mind. Fair skin, jet dark hair, redish brown eyes, eyes that changes tone. He ofcourse was a man. Stalky built. Did a lot of gym. Always wore a beard. If I wore a beard the resemblance would be easier to see" "I am joyful he is my biological father out of all options. It doesnt bother me. I laughed a lot with him. Id visit him at his house in Calle Comedia, turning left by the Clock, just below Castle Estate. He had then wed a great friend of mine Janet Carrara. He was over 10 years her senior. Janet was ofcourse older than me. I was at college. They had a boy. Hes my brother. I was part of the pregnancy. Janet with her bump and him ranting but he was happy. Then he was born and Janet died at age 24 of a drug overdose and he was in trouble. Janet, I miss her so much. She was a beautiful & loving young woman. And so the baby got adopted. I was happy for that. A good set of parents. I didnt want him to have a nasty childhood. Mine had been horrendous! And so, it all ended well. Fond memories of me with them. I got a chance to spend time with Michael Parnell. Got to know him" "My Mother was happy. Said I could visit him anytime" "When Janet died so young many who knew her felt a great loss. She was the funniest and most loving woman on Earth. She fell into the traps. And yet at only age 24. My heart still feels overwhelming love for her. I still cant find the strength to walk up that Calle Comedia Street without feeling drowning sadness. I cant help but cry. So many years have past and yet it still devastates me. The last time I saw her alive was 3 days short of her death. She was walking down that street, dressed in black and wore a hat, very elegant hat, she dressed well. She said laughing, she laughed for no reason: Woo Hoo chica, ven despue a la casa. wedding dresses for older women
And I replied: I am going to see my cousin. Not today.
And 3 days later..the sad news broke my heart. She was gone.
And I spoke to God and I asked questions but God did not answer"
"And so it left a vacant emptiness in My Heart. So many questions unanswered. My Great friend gone. But, mind you, God took a treasure. And I miss her so"
"But God didnt take all away. Her children are still here. And I have a brother who was born to her. And thats why I have sentimental feelings for him. And yet, although he has a good set of parents and the past is the past, the past with LOVE & LIGHT is acceptable. He doesnt have to love one Mother more than the other. He can take the best of both. It can be a Loving Story of two Mothers loving him. One was taken and the other stayed. Both valuable women. I am thankful to that couple who adopted him. Thankyou" Miss Dinamarco

"Then two years ago my own Mother takes an overdose and kills herself. Drugs gets you nowhere"

"Dear Destiny,
I warmly write to you. May I Live Forever,
Yours Sincerely,
Miss Melissa Dinamarco "